Roll Measurement

Roll measuring devices used either during grinding on the grinding machine or for offline measurement complete the Vollmer product spectrum for cold rolling.

Vollmer offers VSL/VSS systems for fully automatic roll measurement during dressing on the grinding machine, and traversable straddle gauges which are placed onto the roll for offline measurement.




The gauges from the VSL/VSS Series measure the form, diameter, roundness and eccentricity of the rolls during the grinding process with very high precision. Form, radial run-out and eccentricity are measures with a precision of ± 1 µm.

If an interface is available, they communicate online with the controller of the roll grinding machine and thus enable even more cost-effective use of the grinding machine.

Declination measurement and roll alignment

With the appropriate configuration, they measure the height and lateral alignment of the roll in the grinding machine before grinding, often enabling the set-up time to be significantly reduced.

Vollmer produces the automatic roll measuring gauges for both bench-mounted machines where the roll is moved along the grinding wheel and for support machines where the grinding wheel is moved along the rotating roll. Vollmer supplies the systems for a broad spectrum of roll diameters.

Roll measurement during roll grinding

For back-up rolls that are ground in chocks, Vollmer offers the Side Shift option with which the gauge actively avoids the attachments at the ends of the rolls.

Vollmer also has special design for pressure rolls with deep and wide grooves in the surface.

Traversable straddle gauge

The traversable straddle gauges are used for offline measurement. They are placed onto the roll and moved manually, thereby measuring the form of the rolls from crown edge to crown edge.

They are characterised by a high measurement point density of 1 mm and a high repetition accuracy of ± 2 µm.

With the evaluation software optimised over decades together with our customers for this application, curves can be pivoted and superimposed, centered and smoothed.

The scope of supply also includes a panel PC.